About me


I'm a physicist with some variety of interests. Most of them are related to science, society, and the application of new technologies to them.

Workwise, you can find me nowadays at the CBGP working on phylogenetic trees. But I've been doing quite a variety of things!

Most recently I've been teaching physics (optics and electromagnetism) at the university, and did some research and development on distributed systems at the UCM. I experimented for a while working as a freelance and collaborating with EyeSeeTea too. I've also worked as an algorithm architect at Synaptics. In the past I was a software developer in the Biocomputing Unit of the CNB, and was part of the now-extint foofind search engine team. Before that, I worked at the exciting LIGO experiment, first as a postdoc in the Center for Gravitation and Cosmology group at UWM and then in the Relativity and Gravitation Group at UIB. Even before, I used to do mostly neutrino physics, at the IFIC and at CERN. For some time, I worked as system administrator at the bioinformatics group at CIPF.

My favorite subjects are physics and maths, and I also love computer science, electronics, robotics and artifical intelligence. Some of the ways I enjoy my time are playing some music (guitar, piano), Go, and adventure sports.

I had no proper personal page for a number of years. One day my friend Jaime pointed out to me how ironic it was that the web page of the system administrator was the most miserable of the group! Well, Jaime, you were right, so I wrote all this to prove that I can do fancy stuff too :-)

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